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True Life
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The Home Builder
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The Plateau

A builder of fine homes was looking for a real estate agent to sell the homes he was builidng. The builder was concerned that the fine properties be given the best presentation, in the best venues, with measurable results, and within his budget. He was also concerned that, although each home was individually designed, the marketing of the homes must have the same level of excellence for all of them. After interviewing many real estate agents and seeing many kinds of tours being offered, the builder selected a real estate agent due in large part because of this agent’s expertise using HomeShare Tours.

The builder commented that:

  1. The TV clarity and sound of HomeShare Tours presented his fine craftsmanship better than any other tour he had seen.

  2. He was impressed by the HomeShare Tours team’s skilled photography and attention to every detail of the property.

  3. The distribution of HomeShare Tours automatically through the powerhouse Internet sites boston.com, realtor.com and MLSPIN convinced him that the properties would all receive proper exposure.

  4. The TourLeads system with it’s measurements of hits and sign ins gave the marketing response information he knew was essential for running the marketing campaign for him.

  5. He saw HomeShare Tours as a marketing platform, where the tour was the part the home shopper saw, and the TourCentral system was the platform that the real estate agent used to market his properties for him online. The builder saw no other proposal by other agents with this comprehensive approach.
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