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Frequently Asked Questions | Using HomeShare TourCentral | Using HomeShare Virtual Showings


What is the Help Desk?

Your information resource, the Help Desk illustrates how to use your Virtual Showing™. Learn how your TourCentral™ account, included with all HomeShare™ Tours Virtual Showing™s, gathers qualified leads, reports Virtual Showing™ activity, links to your websites, emails and print ads, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my tours, control them, and switch sign in on and off?

How do I access the pictures that are in my tours?

How do I send the pictures that are in my tours to somebody via email?


TourCentral™ and Virtual Showing™ Drive Results for you. Learn How!

Virtual Showing™ is simply the best way to show property online. Your account in TourCentral™ contains your Virtual Showing™s’ activity and controls. Here is where you gather qualified leads, and edit your Virtual Showing™’s characteristics. This is vital information that you need to market the property for your homeowner, giving you the competitive edge online.

Learn about using HomeShare™ Virtual Showing™

Learn about using TourCentral™


Quick Tips

Did you know?

The Virtual Showing™ ticket is a powerful marketing tool designed to build your relationship with qualified prospects online. Here’s how:

The Virtual Showing Ticket lets you track response to your print advertising. In TourCentral™, simply do a share for each print campaign and put a ticket and the tour link into each print ad you run.

Your email can be a powerful automatic marketing tool. Respond to all “ticket used” email notifications promptly.

You can make contact with your qualified leads automatically. Create an auto response for Virtual Showing™ “ticket used” email notifications. That way your prospect receives your marketing message as they are viewing your Virtual Showing™.

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